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EGG BIRYANI /How to make egg biryani/Mutta biryani Hello everyone.Hope you all have a nice weekend. This is my first article... I hope you have a good time. I made this for lunch on Saturday... As you know, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in the world. You can make it in any
Chicken curry recipe/Chettinad chicken curry Hello everyone! ! Chettinad Chicken curry. Chicken curry is a famous food in India.. I often cook at home. you can serve this curry with soft and spongy idly. This curry has a lot of freshly roasted spices and coconut, then they are ground into a fine paste and then
Mutton Gravy/ Mutton curry/Chettinad Mutton gravy recipe Lamb/Mutton gravy is a famous recipe in South India.. It can be prepared in several ways.. Today, I am going to make this curry with onions and tomatoes, as well as our chettinad spice powder. The same goes well for dosa and roti. The deliciousness of lamb curry
Spicy potato curry/ Potato curry/Uruzhaikilangu curry/Potato gravy Potato curry is one of our favorite foods. In the title area, you will find it becomes very spicy A curry made with our favorite vegetable potatoes. Spicy and rich food lacking vegetables. .I make this curry by adding too much pepper (this is the main spice) Add
Mutton biryani recipe/Mutton biryani in pressure cooker   Hi foodies, We will see my favorite recipe for the famous South Indian lamb Biryani. I think it is everyone's favorite. I like to share this recipe with all Lamb Biryani lovers. Today, I will use the pressure cooker to make this biryani. I used Seeraga samba

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