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Egg masala: The simple, quick, and delicious egg curry gravy can be eaten with steamed rice, roti dishes, chappathi, and also with flavorful pulao recipes. Egg curry is an Indian dish made with boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, and powdered spices. Here, I will share my method of making masala gravy with spicy masala smoked eggs.
Tomato thokku/Tomato curry/Thakkali thokku   Hi all, Tomato thokku. Tomato thokku is perfectly combined with idli, dosa, and curd rice. . It is very simple and very delicious. .You can replace this thokku without chutney. If you make it in batches, it can be kept for many days. I suggest you keep its refrigerator and
GHEE RICE/ NEI SADAM /NEY CHORU   Ghee rice is a very famous food in Kerala. I found all kinds of delicious ghee pulao. If you use basmati rice to make this pulao, it will be delicious. She likes to eat this kind of rice, which has a lot of fried onions and the mild
Fish Kuzhambu/ Chettinad Fish Curry / Meen Kuzhambu   Hi dear! Today, I’m going to prepare my favorite dish, Chettinad fish curry. Basically, I am a fish lover. Besides chicken and lamb, I also like to eat curry rice with hot rice and idlis. You will Get the real Chettinad flavor and aroma recipe from
Medu vadai Vadai is our favorite evening snack... because these Ulunda vadai are crispy on the outside and too soft in the middle. I want to prepare this vadai in the rainy season. For breakfast, you can make a great combination of this vadai with ghee venpongal, chutney, and sambar. Very healthy combination. .I often

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