Boondi laddu/Boondi ladoo recipe/Diwali Sweet recipe


Boondi laddu is a delicious Indian sweet, suitable for special occasions and festivals like Diwali. Many people think that making ladoo at home is very difficult, but that is not the case. These homemade laddu are great gifts for friends and relatives on Diwali. My grandmother is an expert in making soft Bondi Radu. Today, I will reveal the secrets and secrets of my grandmother laddu.

Hope you like this recipe and try it at home, and let me know your feedback through the comments.


Making batter:

Besan flour-1 cup
water as needed

Making sugar syrub:

Sugar-1 cup
water -1 cup

Rainsins-1 tbsp
Ghee -1 tsp
cardamom powder-1 tsp


1.Add Besan flour to the bowl and mix it well with water without lumps

2. The consistency of the batter is neither thin nor thick (see picture).

3. Heat oil in kadai over medium heat. Pour the small batter into the Wendy ladle and tap lightly. Tiny batter dripped into the hot oil. Fry for 1 to 2 minutes.

4.Don’t deep-fry it as crispy as kara boondi. Before that, remove it from the oil. 5. Repeat the process for the remaining batter.

6. Once all the boondi is fried, transfer a small portion of it to the blender to make a powder. When you make a laddu with your fingers, it can help you bond well.

7.Add the ghee to the pan and fry the cashews and raisins until golden brown

8. To make syrup, add sugar and water to the pot and let it boil to maintain the one string consistency

How to find one string consistency?

1. When pour a little syrup into a cup with a little water, it should not dissolve.

2. When you touch it between your index finger and thumb and pull it apart, it should form a line.

3.or just lift the ladle from the sugar syrup, wait a few seconds, it will form a rope.

9. Once the syrup has reached the consistency of  string, it is gradually added to the boondi.

10.Add cardamom powder and fried nuts

11.The ball is made by applying ghee on the palm of your hand.

hmmmmmour delicious laddu are ready!!!!

Enjoy the recipe with Video Tutorial!!!

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