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Vegetable biryani is fragrant rice made from basmati rice, and there are more vegetables. When we think of the name "BIRYANI", we suddenly think of our delicious lamb or chicken biryani, but for the vegetarian version, this biryani can meet your needs. We can make it one-pot cooking. We can make this biryani in many
Vatha kulambu is a famous South Indian Brahman recipe, which can be prepared in many ways and will also include a South Indian vegetable meal. Vatha kulambu contains, it is so delicious. When we went to the hotel after eating sambar, we all wanted vatha kulambu or pulikulambu. Today I will use sundaikai vathal

Unniyappam is a famous dessert recipe in Kerala, which is prepared during Onam sadya festival. In Tamil Nadu, they prepared this sweet at the karthikai deepam festival.Unniyappam is a very healthy dessert, it is made from raw rice and raw sugar. At first, we need to soak the rice for several hours. We are going to ferment the batter for 5 hours.

Chicken 65 is a famous hot and spicy south Indian appetizer recipe. We can make it in a variety of ways. street style Chicken 65 is popular in all over India, especially in Tamilnadu. On Each and every street we could see the chicken 65 shops. It has a soft internal structure and a crispy

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