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Trains can often be the quickest and easiest way to skip the suburbs and PlusBike makes it even easier. PlusBike is the all-in-one information service for combined cycle and rail journeys that offers an easy way to plan before you set off. Groups of 3 to 9 people travelling together get a third off Off-Peak Day Return fares on GWR services. For just £12 a year this card gives Devon and Cornwall residents a third off most Standard Off-Peak tickets for you and a friend when travelling in the two counties.

Penalty Fares

Only a few operators will carry tandems, for advice on train travel with tandems For information on taking your bike on Eurostar & other European trains, see the Taking your bike to Europe by train page. Most trains carry bicycles, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee with advance reservation required. Northlink Ferries () sail from Scrabster near Thurso to Stromness at Scapa Flow on the Orkneys, and from Aberdeen to Lerwick on the Shetland Islands. Aberdeen-Shetland has a daily overnight service, the ships are little gems, with cosy cabins, lounges, bar, restaurant, and an excellent premium lounge called the Magnus Lounge which is well worth the small extra charge.

This was confirmed by ATOC when a customer enquired about a Sheffield to Blackburn ticket routed via Burnley. However mapped routes described in the Routeing Guide explicitly prohibit doubling back within the maps, except where permitted by an easement or by the group station rule. In most cases this will be at a station or Routeing Point marked on both maps, but it is not essential – where the same stretch of rail appears on both maps, you are free to switch from one map to the next at this point. Locate the origin Routeing Point in Column A and the destination Routeing Point in Column B in order to obtain the permitted map combination. For the return journey , the combinations will be identical, except that where there are routes split across multiple maps, these will be reversed for the return.

Fine App, Horribly Integrated

Last time I tried the person who answered was adamant that the station at which I was standing did not exist. I am in no great hurry to get from Alfreton to Manchester and have all day to do it. If it had been in writing it would have made a great long day out travelling by train around the country for just £20 with my Senior Railcard. The fact that it is only £20 for an Off Peak Return from Alfreton to Manchester is the reason why I was intending to travel from there rather than from Hucknall where the fare is approx £33.

  • ∞ Calls to 0844 numbers cost 7p per minute refer to this web page plus your service provider’s access charges.
  • The My Commute function lets commuters set a home and work station for quick reference.
  • At the time of writing, the company said it is unclear at this point when the problem will be fixed.
  • However in recent times Google has started to lock it down more, so some of the apps I used previously no longer work due to Google deciding those apps shouldn’t be allowed to do stuff.
  • If you bought your ticket from one of our stations, simply return it to the ticket office to ask for a refund, or use our online refund form.
  • They’re airline-style cheap advance-purchase tickets, only valid on the specific train you’ve booked, no refunds, limited or no change of travel plans.
  • Why are there several ‘Anytime’ & ‘Off-Peak’ tickets for my journey, all with different prices?

The ‘ultimate New York City navigation app’ has zoomable, scrollable and fully-interactive MTA subway maps, and bus maps for all five boroughs, as well as neighbourhood maps for all streets in Manhattan. It also includes useful address ranges so you can find those cross streets. It’s the fastest way to get live service updates and train times.

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