Some of his earliest reminiscences have been of playing in town’s bridge, which was constructed practically 500 years in the past when Višegrad was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Considered a masterpiece of medieval structure, the ornate stone bridge stretches out virtually 180 meters over the emerald waters of the Drina River.

According to Tim McFadden, chief of the Detention Unit on the Hague, many former Serb troopers have claimed they have been forced to rape women. “Generally, I discover that women are so impacted by a sexual crime, so violated, that it’s bosnian women difficult even for their mouths to say the words. Whereas I discover that men aren’t separating it out as worse than a number of the different things that occurred to them.”

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Back in his childhood, the bridge had been a lively gathering place for folks to drink, gossip, and go fishing. After the paramilitaries took over in 1992, it became a spot for executions. “I hate that fucking bridge now,” Sabanija said as we handed it after our meeting with Poluga. Not only had been a lot of its inhabitants murdered or expelled endlessly by the genocide, however the town itself was ruined even for the successful facet.

This summer time, I went to Višegrad, along with a Bosnian Muslim named Samir Sabanija whose household had been cleansed from the nearby city of Rogatica in the course of the struggle. After numerous calls to Poluga’s cellphone, he agreed to meet for lunch at a small patio restaurant just down the highway from Višegrad’s famous bridge. When we met, he was wearing a white T-shirt with a barely stretched-out collar and striped jogging pants. Short, with spiky, graying hair and slim eyes, he appeared less like a fearsome paramilitary than a washed-up, middle-aged “Sopranos” character. “I didn’t kill anyone in the course of the war, so I don’t have any guilt about that point,” he told me over a plate of greasy grilled meat and onions.

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As of two years in the past, solely 27 people had been indicted for sexual assault in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Kapîc, nonetheless, says she is aware of the destiny one Serbian soldier faced when he refused to rape an 11-year-old child. “The soldier had been pals with the girl’s father earlier than the struggle and when she was born her father had purchased him a drink. He simply couldn’t do it and so they murdered him for example to the rest of the troops.” And it seems many Serbian men had been additionally victims of the blood-spattered path to Greater Serbia.

But in Andricgrad, he’s been transformed right into a forefather of recent Bosnian Serb ultranationalism. Intended as a vacationer draw, the miniature city doesn’t appear notably well-liked even to locals. On a weekend afternoon, it is largely deserted except for a couple of burly men smoking at a café.

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Women represent simply 20 per cent of all of the witnesses at the ICTY, but symbolize the vast majority of sexual assault testimonies. And though many men have also testified to having been raped and sexually assaulted, Lobwein says she has seen a distinct difference in the way women and men victims describe the assaults. THE taboo associated with rape for a lot of Bosnian Muslim women was additionally evident to those working with witnesses on the ICTY. “The Serbian military and the politicians behind it, knew precisely what they had been doing,” she insists. “It was a tactic to destroy the morale of the people and of the military – while men have been away fighting, their wives and daughters were being attacked bodily and biologically.” Although no direct hyperlink has been proven between the actions of the Serb army in Bosnia and Milosevic, he has been linked to mass rape in Kosovo the place he was commander of the armed forces. However, it’s broadly accepted that Milosevic’s political ambition turned manifested in the brutality of the Serbian military – the “final solution” being to breed out the Muslim population.

In the ethnically cleansed areas of Bosnia, where the genocide occurred, right now the perpetrators appear to have narrowed their responses to both ignoring what occurred or celebrating it. In addition to the memorial on the hill above Višegrad, within the city heart a bronze statue stands in honor of native navy veterans, several of whom have been convicted of warfare crimes at The Hague. Aside from a couple of small plaques put up by victims’ groups in neighborhoods the place mass killings occurred, there isn’t any recognition of the massacres — and people plaques have been placed on the upper floors of buildings to maintain them out of attain after repeated vandalism. A few years in the past, the native municipality even sandblasted the word “genocide” off a memorial stone erected by victims’ households within the town’s Muslim graveyard. When I visited that cemetery this summer season, the word had nonetheless been obliterated from the monument — though somebody had defiantly written it back in with black marker.

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The victors received what they wished, but they’re now worse off than ever. Andric was a fancy figure who wrote a relatively nuanced historical past of Bosnia and its peoples.

The Vilina Vlas hotel, the place Muslim women and girls were overwhelmed, tortured and sexually assaulted through the Bosnian War, is today a spa resort. In a grim irony, Serbia’s current president, Aleksandar Vucic, received his first big political break as information minister in Miloševic’s dictatorship. The ultranationalists who now find themselves again at the levers of energy have put an end to any prospect of a historical reckoning. Undeniable evidence of war crimes have been displayed to the public, together with a surprising video of executions carried out by a authorities-linked paramilitary group in the course of the war.